Pet Stop Electronic Dog Fence Training

100930093229-largeTraining Your Dog the Pet Stop Way – Exclusive Gentle Steps Training

Good pet training is absolutely critical. That’s why we employ the most advanced, up-to-date behavioral methods and apply them to match each pet’s unique personality. Our Gentle Steps approach works for any Brand Underground Dog Fence including Invisible Fence, Dog Watch, Pet Safe Brands.

pet-stop-paw-signOur pet-friendly staff (AKC Certified Trainers) will carry out the initial training phase with you and your pet utilizing various training techniques designed to teach your pet their new boundaries. Based on their reaction to this training, we will then decide when it is best to initiate their first correction. When handled properly, pets take to the training easily, often experiencing the correction only once or twice and quickly learning to respond to the warning tone. Your dog will receive a warning first, then followed by progressive pulse that allows them to turn aside into their yard with minimal discomfort. If needed our system will provide the deterrent needed to turn back the most stubborn of dogs. We currently have over 4000 Pet Stop Dog Fences installed and all our dogs are safely contained.

Pet Stop’s Unique Dog Fence Training: After you and your dog receive training from a member our staff, you will begin the phase of reinforcement training – a self-initiated program following the instructions we demonstrate to both you and your dog. WE WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU STRANDED!! If things are not going well, we will come back to help at no cost to you; after all guaranteed, safe containment is the product we are selling.

The program is organized into short, daily sessions lasting for approximately one week or less. While most dogs immediately take to the training and learn to respect the boundary, others may require additional conditioning. We stand ready to assist you if you’re having difficulty with the training program – it’s what we are trained to do – and we are always ready to help or lend advice when necessary. We guarantee the training result and safe containment.

After the training program is successfully accomplished, your pet will be free to roam and play within the safety of their new Pet Stop Electronic Fence System, enjoying a new kind of freedom they’ve never had before. Both you and your dog will be Happy, We guarantee It! You see, we understand that one of you pays for the fence and one of you plays in the fence; we want both of you to enjoy your New Pet Stop!